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Duplicate File Warnings

Hi all,

My first post having just downloaded EagleFiler. I think that EF may be just the software I have been looking for; I work on various projects and often return to a project after months of inactivity. It is often very difficult to workout which was the final version of document x from just looking at the finder as I have .pages and .doc versions littered about so I am hoping that a combination of tags and notes made in the meta data will fulfil my need to identify project status from the files alone (well almost alone!).

My first question relates to how the feature that disallows duplicates from existing inside a library operates. I am using the demo version of EagleFiler and have had some duplicate file warnings posted following import. These files have different names (.txt versus .csv) so I have concluded that some intelligence is being used to identify duplicates and am wondering how it works i.e. what attributes are compared and which file is imported from a group of duplicates.


EagleFiler detects duplicates by comparing the files’ contents (just the data fork). There’s some more information about this in the manual.


Thanks for the reply - I had tried a search on the word duplicate but missed the page you pointed me to.