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Duplicate Files being Imported

I opened EagleFiler this morning only to find that it imported 20 files that were already in EF. I have no idea where it got these files from, as I didn’t instruct it to import anything. And all the files it imported are duplicates of already existing files in EF. After it imported them, it named all the dupes with a number 2 appended at the end of the name.

I checked preferences and the Allow Duplicate Files in Library is not checked and it never has been.

I’m confused. Thanks for any help you can give me.


The Allow duplicate files in library preference applies to files that you specifically ask EagleFiler to import.

If you add files directly to the Files folder in the Finder, EagleFiler will pick these up whenever it does a Scan for New Files. Since these files were specifically placed in EagleFiler’s folder, it does not check them for duplicates.

It sounds like these “2” files were added to the folder by some other software, e.g. a cloud or syncing app that detected conflicting changes to a file and so kept both copies. Thus, my guess is that the “dupes” are not actually identical files.