Duplicating library

I want to have libraries both on my Mac locally and in iCloud, as well as back ups in Dropbox. I did have this set up until I had to erase my MacBook. (It won’t even see my back up disk so that is not an option to use). So now I have the Dropbox backup libraries, and want to put duplicates on the MacBook. I don’t know if I should “duplicate” the libraries and then change the name (so that it doesn’t have back up in it), or if I should drag the contents in to a new library. But then will I lose any structure the library has in it? Also doing that with emails gets me a warning about extracting all the emails. Or is there some other way I should do this? Thank you.

If you are trying to make a backup, I would close the library in EagleFiler and then use Finder to copy (or create a ZIP archive of) the entire library folder (the folder containing the .eflibrary file) rather than copying individual records between libraries.