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duplications of emails in SS folder

Have an odd problem that I cannot understand.

I have SS 2.9.6, OS 10.8.2 and Outlook for Mac 2011 14.3.1. I have two accounts coming in to Outlook, one is an exchange server account (work) and the other is gmail (IMAP).

Here is the issue- some of the mail that gets moved to the SS folder is duplicated there. In other words, it comes into the account as one email, but then I get two or sometimes three copies of it in my SS folder. Now this is not for all emails- but about 50% of them.

I cannot find a common condition on the ones that duplicate and the ones that do not.

When I had this set-up on Apple mail (before moving to Outlook) this did not occur.


Does this happen for both accounts? Do you still get duplicates if you uncheck the “SpamSieve - Move Messages” rule?

It does happen with both accounts (exchange and IMAP)- but oddly enough not on all emails.

I will try to see what happens when I turn off the Move to. My setting are on my drone at work- so I have to wait till Monday to get there.