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EagleFiler 1.4.12

The following was posted on the EagleFiler blog:

EagleFiler 1.4.12 is now available. This is a free update that includes the following enhancements:

  • EagleFiler is faster at building a mailbox’s table of contents after importing it.
  • You can now use the characters ]{}=#. in tag names.
  • The Date Created
    for e-mail messages now shows the date from the message’s headers rather than the creation date of the mailbox file.
  • Added the ViewEMLOnTiger esoteric preference, which is useful for people who want to use Microsoft Entourage as their external mail viewer on Mac OS X 10.4.
  • Tweaked the spacing in the source list to match Mail.
  • Tweaked the positions of the tag icons in the source list when it’s set to large icon mode.
  • The New Record ‣ Open Stationery Folder command now opens the folder instead of revealing it.
  • EagleFiler is now more robust with respect to errors when importing mail from Entourage, Mailsmith, and PowerMail.
  • Fixed a bug where read records might be tagged as unread when restoring from a metadata backup.
  • Fixed a bug where, in some circumstances, EagleFiler could display an error message or crash when undoing too many times in the record viewer.
  • Fixed a bug where the Tag Cloud
    didn’t immediately update after changing the font in the preferences.
  • Fixed a bug where Command Up/Down didn’t move the insertion point in a text document when the viewer had keyboard focus.
  • Fixed a bug opening files in MacVim.
  • Fixed a bug where EagleFiler didn’t show the alternating row background colors after a failed search.
  • Fixed a bug capturing from Flock when using Mac OS X 10.4.
  • Fixed a bug capturing large amounts of mail from PowerMail at once.
  • Fixed a regression where some icons in sheets were drawn as dimmed.
  • Fixed a bug where New Record ‣ Open Stationery Folder and Reveal in Finder didn’t work if TableText or another old application was running.