EagleFiler 1.9.12

Version 1.9.12 of EagleFiler is now available.

This is a free update that includes the following enhancements:

  • Worked around a change in the forthcoming macOS 14 Sonoma that caused EagleFiler to crash at launch.
  • The capture key now works with the Arc browser.
  • Improved the display of HTML e-mail messages in Dark Mode.
  • Improved the background color when editing RTF files in Dark Mode.
  • Improved the VoiceOver descriptions in the source list.
  • EagleFiler is better able to recognize the file types of e-mail attachments for indexing.
  • Updated the following sections of the manual:
  • Apple fixed the Ventura blank icons bug in macOS 13.4, so the EagleFiler workaround is no longer needed, and we recommend disabling it by clicking this link.
  • Worked around a macOS bug that could cause a blank source URL for e-mail messages.
  • Improved the error reporting when reading Finder comments.
  • Improved the error handling when reading a note.
  • Improved the error handling when searching using a damaged index.
  • Worked a problem displaying Web archives of macscripter.net on macOS 10.14.
  • Fixed a spurious error message when capturing an Apple Mail e-mail message that didn’t have any MailTags.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when importing from Apple Mail if Mail’s data store had been transferred through a non-Mac file system.
  • Fixed a memory leak when doing an indexed search.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging and dropping files into EagleFiler.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pressing a keyboard shortcut that uses a dead key.
  • Fixed some incorrect single quote marks in code examples in the manual.

EagleFiler 1.9.12 works with macOS 10.13 through macOS 14. Older EagleFiler versions are available for older versions of macOS. In-depth information about EagleFiler is available in the manual.