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Eaglefiler an Boxcryptor on icloud

maybe a stupid question - today i´ve dried to use die EF-Library on icloud with boxcryptor
Everything seems to work fine.
Are there known issues?

I have not tested EagleFiler with boxcryptor or heard of any issues with it. It looks like it does support extended attributes, so it should work with EagleFiler’s labels and tags. You might also check whether it properly stores file creation dates.

Okay - i´ve looked for it! the file creation date is stored correct.
Then i give boxcrypter a chance - if someone goes wrong i will report it.
Thank You

Unforunally it could come to a problem:
If You double-click the “encrypted” eflibrary-Folder in the iCloude (and not the eflibrary in the Boxcryptor), EF will start, find no content.db (because it is encrypted in that folder) and starts to Import all encrypted files in a new contend.db.
After that mistaken click you have to end EF and clean up the eflibrary- and smart-folder

No big problem, but also not really nice.