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EagleFiler and a drone SpamSieve setup

I haven’t had a proper look at EagleFiler yet as I am still disposing of historical Spam on my work computer.

I’ll be setting up my home computer as a drone and then training it remotely using the options for that program.

Would I be able to archive emails remotely as well using EagleFiler an then be able to access any old emails from that or can I setup an online system like a personal dropbox e.g. the macs web folder (the public folder or the sites or the airdrop folder which is better to use?) under a user account in a mac) that can be accessed from anywhere for all my archived emails.

It is unlikely that I’ll need my archived emails all the time but when I do need them I don’t want them on a computer and I can’t get to them.

What power setting would be required so that I can access them all the time and how do I set it up so that I can add stuff to my archive from any computer?


Please see How can I access my library from multiple Macs?. (I will also be updating this page later today.)

If you use your own Mac as the server, you would need to set it not to go to sleep.

I see that page says I can use dropbox or my mac I guess it depends on how big the files are.

Are they compressed when they are stored I’m just worried about the size that is why I would like to use my home mac and not have to worry about the size of things.

Just want to know for instance if 1,000 emails would max out my dropbox?

The messages are not stored compressed, but e-mails usually aren’t very big unless they have large attachments. One of my typical mailboxes has 6,573 messages and is 128 MB in side.