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EagleFiler and Hazel

OSx 10.10 Yosemite.

I use Hazel to file and sort my scanned files based on a combination of Folders and Tags.

I am currently “trialing” EagleFiler…

Hazel queries allow sorting and storing of files using Finder Tags which can be stored and determined by the sequenced Tags from left to right, i.e. Sorted on 1st Tag or 2nd Tag or on 1 …3 Tags, etc.etc. The position of the Tag just needs to be consistent…

Is there any way to force Tags in EagleFiler to be re-positioned in a particular sequence from the left ?

I have tried the obvious way (manually sort/re-position) but once the return key is pressed the Tags revert to their original position in the Inspector.

Sorry, there is not. EagleFiler always puts the tags in alphabetical order. You would need to rename them in order to change the order.