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EagleFiler AppleScripts Change History

I’ll post in this thread each time I add a new script to the EagleFiler AppleScripts page or update one of the existing scripts.

The Tag PDFs that Need OCR script now ignores leading and trailing whitespace and lets you set a minimum amount of text that can be ignored, to force OCR.

The Remove Duplicate Messages script has been updated for Mac OS X 10.11 and now requires EagleFiler 1.6.6.

Added the Group Records script.

The Convert Plain Text to Rich Text and Convert Rich Text to Plain Text scripts now demonstrate how to use the create temporary folder script command (instead of relying on do shell script).

There is a new Import Some Safari Tabs script that demonstrates various techniques.

The Remove Duplicate Messages script now works if you have selected the mailboxes in the source list rather than the records list.

Thanks it works fine :slight_smile:

Going forward, the plan is to note changes to the scripts in the regular EagleFiler release notes, rather than separately on this page.