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Eaglefiler as default .pdf viewer

I seem to have eaglefiler as my default viewer for some, but not all, of my pdf files. I can’t change this - I go through the motions but it is still the default viewer. Can I change this?

Me too
I am also getting this in a very specific way.

I have a Canon scanner and every once in a while I have to scan a document to a pdf file. When opening this pdf file it opens up Eaglefiler.

If I right click the file and choose to open it with Preview it opens fine.

But it still opens Eaglefiler when double clicking.

The “Open With” item in the contextual menu only changes the opener for that time. To change it for that file permanently, you need to Get Info on the file and use the “Open with” pop-up menu. Use the “Change All…” button to change the opener for all files of that type. For what it’s worth, EagleFiler doesn’t set itself as the default opener for any file types except .eflibrary.

Snap! I’ve only had this problem since starting to use a canon scanner. I note that the pdf files in finder have the classification under ‘kind’ as ‘c-command.com.eaglefiler.openwith’ and if you change their format as Michael suggests the ‘kind’ changes to ‘.pdf’.
It’s a bit laborious to go into ‘get info’ for each new scan I produce - is there any way round it?

Sorry - should engage my mind before typing - change all in the ‘getinfo’ menu has solved the problem