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EagleFiler for TXT and PDF - Newbie-questions


I’ve just discovered EagleFiler and I’m thinking about using it for 3 types of files:

  • email-messages from MailMate
  • TXT (as well as MD and TASKPAPER)
  • PDF

The email-messages seems the simplest: I would archive them in EagleFiler before deleting them from MailMate.

I’m not so sure about the PDFs and TXTs though.

  1. **TXT
    **I have a folder with the TXT-files.
    Right now I’m creating new files and editing older ones with BBEdit (and only with BBEdit!).
    This folder is also a local Git-repository, so I commit the changes now and then.
    I copy the changed files - with DeltaWalker - in a mirrored folder in my Dropbox in order to have access to this files from my iPhone.

How would my TXT-process look if I would use EagleFiler for my TXT-files?

  1. **PDF **
    I have a folder with scanned and OCRed PDF-files.
    Hazel adds and sorts to the subfolders of this folder from a) my Downloads-folder and b) my ScanSnap-folder.

How should I change my PDF-workflow in order to use EagleFiler for my PDF-files?

Could you please help me with this questions?



You could rearrange your folder structure or use a symlink so that the same files are in Git, EagleFiler, and Dropbox at the same time.

I don’t fully understand your current workflow, but it sounds like you would want Hazel to monitor the same folders but instead organize the files into subfolders in your EagleFiler library.

Let me specify:

  • the TXT folder has no subfolder at all
  • I would completely move all the text-files (= TXT, MD, TASKPAPER) from the actual TXT-folder to EagleFiler and edit the old files / create new ones only through EagleFiler (instead of direct through BBEdit), if… I could use BBEdit in EagleFiler :slight_smile: (Please say yes! :wink:
  • I read the linked thread but I didn’t quite understand how to use a symlink for Git but I could probably delete the repository and create a new one after the files are in EagleFiler and I could gitignore everything that is specific to EagleFiler, right?
  • I would still rather use the cumbersome mirroring-method to Dropbox a little while because I couldn’t figure yet what iOS app leads to mysteriously purging hundreds of files (!) from the mirror-folder almost every time I’m accessing it from my iPhone.

Yes, it would be great if this would be possible!
My uncertainty was based on the fact that I understood that the update to the EagleFiler-libraries should always happen through EagleFiler… wouldn’t this be a problem then?

That’s fine. What I mean is that this folder would be inside the EagleFiler library’s folder.

Yes, if BBEdit is your default text editor you can just double-click the text file in EagleFiler to edit it with BBEdit. Or you could use the Record > Open With command.



Moving/deleting/renaming should be through EagleFiler. But it’s fine to use other apps to add new files.

The MailMate-Archive & TXT are living in EagleFiler!
The MailMate-Archive and my 1014 TXT-files are living now in EagleFiler. I’ve created a new Git-repository in the TXT-database and ignored everything related to the database.

The next step will be to move all the PDF-files (and the correspondent subfolders) into EagleFiler as well and to change all the Hazel-rules in order to deliver the files to the EagleFiler-PDF-database.

But I already have 2/3 success, so it looks like EagleFiler will win a new happy customer! :wink:

What’s the best way to replicate the whole structure of subfolders of the PDF-folder and import the files from each and every subfolder in EagleFiler?

Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, I think you could just drag and drop the top-level folder into EagleFiler.