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EagleFiler iOS app

Michael, time is good for having EagleFiler for iOS (iPad more than iPhone). I mean not only to have a companion for digging into the synchronized libraries but even to have the possibility to handle it both sides or just iOS side.

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I would like to have an iOS app, too, however I don’t have anything to announce at the moment.

I’m not quite sure how to interpret “even to have the possibility to handle it both sides or just iOS side.” Are you saying that it would be useful to you without syncing? What does “both sides” refer to?

Also, for those who aren’t aware that you can access EagleFiler files on iOS even without an app, please see this page.

no no: Syncing is soooo good. I mean that now with the new powerful ipads (pro or not) and the incoming iOS11 more users should have just the ipad (no mac) and use it with EagleFiler. both sides refer to mac and ipad :wink:

OK, thanks for explaining.

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Hopefully there will be some news here soon. A standalone app would definitely make EagleFiler even more attractive.

Hi Michael,
big changes with apple. will there be the chance that EF too will go the next way???

Hi Andy,

I’m not exactly sure what you’re referring to with respect to big iOS changes? I’m still planning to make an iOS version of EagleFiler. However, currently there are some higher priorities: Big Sur, Apple Silicon, and EagleFiler 2 for Mac.