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EagleFiler Library on Server?

I’ve just started trialling EagleFiler and it looks to be exactly what I need! My main use is for archiving Entourage email and keeping track of a large number of reference PDFs and Webpages.
I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far and I have a general question about where the EagleFiler library is located.
In one of my tests, I’ve created an EagleFiler Libray on a shared server volume - actually a Windows Home Server SMB share. I’ve saved a few files in it, with no obvious problems.
Does anyone see any major problems with storing the Library on a network share? I don’t want to store up some major problem for the future, but keeping my PDF’s and ‘archived’ email on the server is what I would like.

The OS services that EagleFiler uses are built to work on SMB shares, so it should be fine. However, it is always slightly more risky to use a network volume, because of the risk of disconnection and because network volumes don’t always adhere to the letter of the filesystem specifications. You can use EagleFiler’s Verify feature to make sure the files in your library are not damaged.

Make sure that the library is only open in one copy of EagleFiler at at ime.

Secondly, you might prefer to use an encrypted library, as those are stored on disk images. This is a common way of storing files on a network share (e.g. Time Machine, SuperDuper) because it better preserves Mac metadata. I don’t think you need to do this for EagleFiler’s benefit, but since that’s what Apple does I thought I’d mention it. It’s also a useful tactic for less-metadata-savvy network shares, such as Dropbox.