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EagleFiler Library Will Not Open

I have a large library of email messages that will no longer open. I have tried multiple times, including letting the computer run overnight to see if the library would eventually open. Nope.

The hard drive in my MacBookPro was recently replaced due to bad sectors on the previous HD. The EagleFiler problem existed before HD replacement and persists afterwards.

EagleFile launches and will open a secondary library successfully, but not the bigger email library. When I try to open the email library there is a blue progress bar that proceeds to about 80% open and then stalls indefinitely.

What would you suggest?

I think I have this fixed using related topics after my post!

Eagle Filer Libraries Will Not Open
Hi All,
My first post though I have lingered a while and learned a lot…
I am using v. 1.6.2 and have been a EF user for a little over two years now. I still consider myself new as I am not a power user.

All of a sudden none of my Libraries will open. I have not updated or changed and software or the locations of my libraries.
All of the files appear to be in place on my HDD but they do not seem to open in EF. Nothing opens to my default library automatically as it used to.
Nothing appears in my File->Recent Library or Open Recent commands - they are blank.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Can you point me to the posts you used or explain what you did to reconnect your Libraries and open them?
I cannot seem to find a solution to my inability to open my EF libraries any longer. The Library folder under EF shows a size of zero…
which makes me think my libraries are no longer linked to the Open Library command. It shows no recent library under the File command.
This makes me think some kind of link was broken.

I have tons of data stored in about 8 EF Archives or active Libraries and I am unable to open any of them - Any help from you and the forum would be GREATLY appreciated.


If the problem is that you don’t know where your library files are, please see the Where is my EagleFiler library? page.

If the problem is that you are telling EagleFiler to open a library file and getting an error, please see the Sending in an Error Report page.

I’m not sure which folder you are referring to. EagleFiler libraries are normally stored in the Documents folder rather than the Library folder.

It sounds like something happened to the preferences file where Mac OS X stores recent documents. The libraries will automatically get added back to the Open Recent menu when you open them again.

Michael - I know where the lib files are but they were not showing up in their respective file locations.
They are now and I have absolutely no idea why as I have changed nothing.
That was scary!

Thanks for the speedy response and helpful reply.

hey slowandsteady,

Sounds like you got your problem sorted. If not I’ll try to find the posts I used to get myself sorted.