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Eaglefiler mail archiving w/a gmail workflow

Eaglefiler was the perfect mail archiver when I relied on Mail, on one computer.

I’ve switched over to gmail (direct webmail), and the whole nested-labeling system.

I still periodically bring mail into Mail, so I have copies on my computer, should gmail go down. But where I once winnowed that mail down before archiving, now I’ve just got the full flood in Mail, largely untouched. Should I be archiving ALL of that email, do you think?

I just throw that q. out to anyone who’s mostly using gmail via the web. Is there still a place for Eaglefiler in that workflow, or should I just rely on gmail’s archiving?

I think it’s a good idea to keep an archive outside the mail program. Gmail’s archive is not necessarily what you would expect. See, for example, this article in The Atlantic Monthly. And, separately, I like the idea of having an immutable, verifiable archive. With everything on a live server, even one that you control, there’s no way to tell if a message is accidentally deleted or lost to file corruption. Having a local copy in Mail is good, but since it’s ultimately just mirroring the server, it’s not really an independent backup/archive.