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EagleFiler: many copies of files - why? which is master? which to delete?

Headline says it all, really.

When I do quick search for something via the Finder, I am surprised to see as many as four copies of the same item:

  • one in the relevant Eaglefiler library
  • one in the relevant folder within my Finder file structure
  • one in an EagleFiler Library on my icloud drive

I have imported many files from Devonthink. I can’t remember how I did it, but the importing worked really well. (I’m also getting residual copies of files in the Devonthink cache, but I don’t think that’s an EagleFiler issue.)

For day-to-day items, I tend to use the F1 key to import.
I tend to default to using the Finder to quickly find things. Should I not be doing that?

Each library is well into the gigabytes, so it would be good to slim things down, but I’m not sure where to start deleting…


If you import using the capture key, it will always leave the selected file in place and create a copy in the library folder that’s managed by EagleFiler. However, (on the boot drive, on macOS 10.13 or later) this copy doesn’t use any extra space because EagleFiler uses APFS file cloning so that the copies share the same blocks on disk.

There are other ways to import if you would prefer to move existing files into the library folder, so that there is no copy.

At this point, you probably want to delete the #2 one that is not in EagleFiler. This would make things simpler, even if it doesn’t save you any space.

I’m not sure why you have the same file in two different EagleFiler libraries, one in iCloud and one not. You would need to decide whether that makes sense for what you are trying to do.