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.EagleFiler Metadata 2 file showing in most folders

Using version 1.9.1 of Eaglefiler on Big Sur RC

The file .EagleFiler Metadata 2.plist is showing up in most of my folders within the Eaglefiler browser (not a Finder window). I don’t recall it showing up before.

How do I hide these?


The special EagleFiler metadata filename is .EagleFiler Metadata.plist. If there is a “2” in there, it’s just treated as a regular file, so it should show up (and you can delete it if you want). The question is where the file with the “2” came from. Perhaps it was created by file syncing software that you’re using.

There is a 2 in there.

I’ll do some research to see where it came from - can’t immediately think of which app would create it other than Carbon Copy Cloner which I use to backup.

I deleted them and ran CC again - no new files.

Will wait and see and update