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EagleFiler: Method to reveal record in folder context

Often while viewing a record in tag or smart folder views, I find myself wishing there was a View menu command that would show this record in the context of its containing folder in Records. I realise you can Cmd-UpArrow to select its parent, but you must relocate the file by hand after descending back into the folder. This behaviour would be identical to turning off a search with a search result selected.

The old Select Source command used to do this, before I replaced it with the more comprehensible Enclosing Record and Contents of Record commands. What do you think about changing Command-Down-Arrow (Contents of Record) to doing this if a file or message is selected? It doesn’t exactly make sense in terms of the name of the command, but right now that command is disabled for non-sources, and working this way would be roughly consistent with what it does for sources.

As you say, it is perhaps a bit counter-intuitive in that this gesture typically opens something. At least anyone who has been using Finder for years is going to associate Cmd-DownArrow with “open this thing”. But, in a way it does kind of make sense. Cannot the names of menu items be switched about depending upon the selection? I’m sure I’ve seen this done elsewhere—but perhaps if that were possible, that would solve this problem. Then the name could be changed to something more relevant.

What name would you suggest?

Reveal in folder
Reveal in source folder
Reveal in records (though that might not be specific enough)
Context of record (is good, but looks very similar to ‘contents’)

Or copy the Finder as it relates to an alias:
Show Original

I’ve added this in EagleFiler 1.4.4.