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EagleFiler on iOS devices

Is there a way for me to practically use EagleFiler on my iPad or iPhone devices? I store the Library in Dropbox.



Access to files but not organization
So I can see that if I use Dropbox I can see the individual files within the library. But since I use smart folders for organization, the organization of the data is completely absent…


There are various ways to access the contents of your EagleFiler library on iOS. However, you will only see the folder structure, not the smart folders and tags.

… which, if I rely strictly on Smart Folders (which I currently do), make the iPad/iPhone access not terribly practical. Right off the bat I can think of one solution, which seems cumbersome - to create a duplicate actual folder structure to duplicate the smart folder structure, and then have an action to move any file that ends up in the smart folder to the corresponding regular folder. This way, when I look at the folder structure of EF on the iOS device, I can see the same organization as I would on my Mac. I am not sure how practical this approach is. Ideally, there would be an iOS version of EagleFiler which would know how to display the organization of records in the smart folders.

Thoughts anyone?