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EagleFiler pops up after being hidden

I have EagleFiler running in the background ion my Mac, hidden. Recently, it started un-hiding by itself about once a day. Anyone else seeing this or have an idea what is going on?

EagleFiler only unhides itself if you use the Capture With Options hotkey or ask it to do something, e.g. send it a command from LaunchBar to initiate a search. Perhaps you are doing something that is causing it (or all apps) to be shown. Is there a pattern to what you are doing on your Mac right before you notice that EagleFiler is no longer hidden?

I do not think I am doing anything to trigger it. Today, for example, I was reading a web page in Safari when I noticed EagleFiler pop up in the background. I was probably scrolling with my mouse but did not use the keyboard. But I will try to pay more attention.

Perhaps it’s due to some other utility that you have installed?