EagleFiler Public Beta and macOS 14 Sonoma

EagleFiler 1.9.11 is compatible with macOS 14 Developer Beta 1, however with Developer Beta 2 it will crash at launch.

The current public beta version of EagleFiler is compatible with the beta for macOS 14. You can sign up below to be notified when new beta versions are available and download them from within the app.

The beta release notes are available in the Software Update window and also in the “Version History” section of the manual (in the Help menu).

We do not recommend using a macOS beta on your main Mac, as there may be bugs that we have not had time to, or cannot, work around. With that said, we do welcome bug reports so that we can investigate any bugs and report them to Apple or try to develop workarounds. Please submit any feedback or bug reports via e-mail, rather than posting here.

is there a link to download the latest beta version directly?
It doesn’t work from within the programm because eaglefiler crashes on start-up.

You can download it here.

That link and the “installing Eaglefiler” link in the initial post aren’t working. Are there any current links to the beta version or the installation guidance mentioned above?

The Sonoma version is out of beta, so you can download the latest release version.

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Great, thank you. When I’d previously gone to download the latest version, I clicked straight on the “Sonoma info” link and followed that guidance, rather than clicking the Download button for the current release.