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eaglefiler removes tags when files are edited outside

Just been fiddling round with tagging in Houdahspot and filr.

No problem if I tag something (openmeta) and then import it into eaglefiler. Tags are preserved.

If however I tag something that is already in eaglefiler (using eg filr via the finder) and then open eaglefiler, the file is scanned, the openmeta tags are removed and it is tagged ‘unread’.

I stopped using eaglefiler when I used to forget and edit files outside the program, causing problems. i started using it again when i could do this with impunity - but this problem ?bug? is similar.

The OpenMeta tag storage is not reliable, so once a file has been imported, EagleFiler’s database is considered the definitive source of tag information. EagleFiler will periodically fix the OpenMeta tags to match (unless you tell it not to). If you tag already-imported files outside of EagleFiler, you can use the Reload OpenMeta Tags script to tell EagleFiler to pick up these changes.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. It has always been possible (and recommended) to edit files using other applications.

sorry - that’s me being imprecise - I meant adding and deleting files in finder that were part of an eaglefiler database. Now that I can add files (but not delete them) via finder and have them automatically added to eagle filer once the database is reopened I’m much happier. Not that I used to do it deliberately - just absent mindedly.

Wouldn’t the option to keep the tags be more appropriate in the preferences pane? However I think I’ll probably steer clear of Openmeta for the time being.

I do not expect very many people to use this option. It’s so rare that it’s not even listed in the esoteric preferences.