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Eaglefiler search problems

I’ve been using Devonthink, but switched to test Eaglefiler. EF filesystem integration and fast ‘F1’ grabs make all of the difference. Because it is fast to grab information, EF gets used.

However I feel really stuck, because while I can get the information in easily, its not so fast to organize once in, and hard to find it again because I can’t get good search results.

It appears EF doesn’t have any relevance based ranking of the search results. You can only sort by things like name, which isn’t very useful with 300 results. This is a critical feature!

Also, I’m missing the automatic filing based on classification. While I can get stuff into eaglefiler fast, I then end up with a pile up of unsorted information.

Are there any plan to add these features?

Also, any plan to integrate Leopard quickview functionality so you can get preview of more types of files?