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EagleFiler Trial Roadblock

I just installed a trial version of EagleFiler. It looks like a really handy utility. I started reading through the manual to see how it works. First task was to import an .mbox file from gmail, which worked fine. Next, I tried using the Option-F1 keystroke to capture the current item and save it to EagleFiler. I must be missing something basic on how this function works. When I press the keystroke, I get a window that prompts me where to file the item. I select Records, add some tags and notes (mostly just Test). When finished, the item is nowhere to be found. It acted like it added it, but I don’t see it anywhere.

Thinking I don’t know where to look, I click on recently added, and it’s not there either. Can you tell from this post what I’m missing?

I should have also mentioned that I also tried importing some pictures, and they were added as expected, so I think it’s just the handling for the Option-F1 UI that I don’t understand how to use properly.

Hmmm - I created a new library and tried the same thing, and the item I was trying to add showed up after a second or two. So I went back to the original library and tried again - no go. Tried again with the new library. It worked again. Then back to the original one. No go. However, this time I noticed at the bottom of the screen, there is a spinner that says, Importing URLs. The last time I noticed something there it said something about indexing. Is it perhaps just backed up from having imported a large .mbox file? How can I see a list of queued up items not yet added?

After some time, I decided to shut down EagleFiler and start it up again, the solution that seems to fix so many problems out there. When I did that, I got a popup that I couldn’t do that because there was a process that was active. It explained how to see what processes were active. However, before I was able to follow those instructions, whatever the process was apparently completed, and my items started showing up. So I think something was hung up. My threatening to quit the app apparently got it to clear the hang. Now I can resume testing. :slight_smile:

Newly imported records will appear in Recently Added. Since you selected to import it into Records (the top level) they would also appear under Records and Unfiled.

The Activity window shows all the active jobs, with the oldest at the top and newest at the bottom. It will make progress from top to bottom, and each library can do 2 jobs at once. (If you have a bulk import of multiple files at once, you may see more than 2 importing at a time as part of the same batch.) Indexing (and mailbox rebuilding) that hasn’t started yet will wait for any imports to complete (even if they are newer). However, if indexing has already started, it will count as one of the 2 jobs for that library and may block imports for a while. If this happens, and you want the imports to go right away, you can click the × button to stop the indexing.

Closing a library will automatically stop all the jobs that can be stopped without losing data, e.g. indexing/rebuilding/verifying and leave only the imports and other jobs like merging mailboxes. And then it will wait for those to finish before it lets you actually close the library.

Anyway, it doesn’t sound like you did anything wrong. Maybe it was just temporarily backed up with indexing after a large import.

Thanks for the explanation. The first import was very big (11 GB of email). I’m guessing it was doing indexing, since I saw that before. Thanks for the tip about stopping stuff in order to do imports. I probably did one of those accidentally. :slight_smile: