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EagleFiler - Would it work for me?


I’m a long time user of SpamSieve but happened to notice this product when setting up my new MacBook Air. Here is my question: I want to eventually decommission my old iMac in favor of the Air, but I have one concern. I used 3 different mail clients in my 6 six years with the iMac - AppleMail (Snow Leopard most recently), PostBox and Sparrow. In the Air I’m using AppleMail with Lion which is fine, although I haven’t quite worked out the Google spam issues.

I would like to retain search capability and the old emails from all the old 3 machines. Sparrow was all gmail addresses or MobileMe, PostBox and AppleMail were gmail, MobileMe and some old Pop addresses I no longer use. If I kill the iMac I will lose all of the emails so maybe EagleFiler has a way to preserve them? And make them searchable. I have no wish to import all of this old stuff into the Air.

I would simply use Gmail web interface if possible, but that wouldn’t do for the old pop emails or for MobileMe.

Thanks is advance for any hints or links to this subject.


Yes, you could do that. If you import all the mail into an EagleFiler library, you would have an independent copy of it that you could search without needing access to the old server accounts or mail programs. There are different procedures for importing from Apple Mail and Postbox. EagleFiler does not directly import from Sparrow, however since Sparrow only uses IMAP that mail is on the server. You could connect to the account using Apple Mail, let it download all the messages, and then import them into EagleFiler.