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Editing information for multiple items at once

I would like to edit the “from” (and other) field of multiple files at once. Is this possible?

As an example, I imported a number of .pdf files from the same source, but what was put into the “from” field by EF (extracted from the file metadata I suppose) was not what I wanted. I had to edit them one by one (in the file list pane), although the new information was the same for all the files. If I could have selected them and opened a “batch” inspector to change them all at once, it would have been much faster. Am I missing something here?

This is possible in iTunes in the “Multiple item information” dialog.


EagleFiler doesn’t currently have a batch inspector, but here’s a script to change the From of multiple records at once.

Very good. That is exactly what I needed.

EagleFiler 1.3 has a Batch Change window that makes it easy to change the metadata for multiple records at once.