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editing multiple notes at once

If I mark a couple of items, it would be nice if one could bring up the Inspector to add tags and notes to all of them at the same time. When importing a lot of web archives all connected to the same project, that would be a real time saver.


If you select more than one note, you can drag them to a tag in the source list and all of them will get tagged at once.

Or you can bring up the tag palette and click the checkbox with all the items selected.

thoresson, for assigning tags I agree with crux and dmc that these other ways are better than editing a multiple selection in the Inspector. It’s not clear what the Tags field should look like if the selected records all have different pre-existing tags. There’s no tag field metaphor like the mixed state (minus sign) checkbox.

As to notes, are you saying that you want to type the same note text for all of the selected records? Why? Tags might be a better fit in that case.

As a journalist, I capture a lot of stuff that are just loose ideas for future articles. Sometimes, many websites are writing about the same thing, and I want to have them all i EF. And as a reminder of what I thought I could use the material to, I enter some notes. Both about persons I can interview on the subjects, questions to ask and freeform keywords. I prefer them to tags, cause I would in short time have hundreds of tags, making the use of them hard.


EagleFiler 1.3 added the Batch Change window, which can help with this.