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EF grabs focus under Leopard?

Under Tiger, using the Services menu of OmniWeb to Import Text or Import URL, EagleFiler would import the item in the background and Growl would briefly put up the notification. But I’d stay in OmniWeb. With Leopard, EF comes to the front and I have to switch back to OmniWeb after each and every capture. Is this configurable somewhere?

As far as I know, this is not specific to EagleFiler, but rather it’s a change in Leopard where the receiving application of a service is always brought to the front. I don’t think this is configurable.

If you import via other means, EagleFiler will not be brought to the front. For example, in OmniWeb you can press EagleFiler’s capture key to import the URL of the window, and you can also import selections of text via drag and drop.