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El Capitan Mail Hanging

Well, this is off to a bad start. I just loaded SS for the first time ever. Brand new user.

Every time I go to mark a message as Spam (after following the set up instructions and beginning the training process), I get a pinwheel that doesn’t go away. I have to force quit Mail.

For some reason, SpamSieve then automatically reopens mail, and the issue is stuck in an internal force quit loop.

I put SpamSieve in the Trash, and now when I open Mail I get a "Cannot find SpamSieve"message that continually pops up time after time. I eventually got to the point where I could quickly perform a single function between notification windows, and I disabled the SpamSieve Rule.

Crashing when marking as spam
Just downloaded for the first time. Not a good experience.

I followed the set up instructions for Apple Mail.

Every time I mark a post as spam, Mail freezes and I have to force quit.

The problem with that is that for some reason, SpamSieve auto restarts Mail, and it’s stuck in an eternal force quit loop!

Mail 8.2 on El Capitan. SpamSieve 2.9.21

Please help.

Sorry to hear that you’re not having a good first experience. Your post title mentions crashing, but I didn’t see any details about that. Did you mean that an application is unexpectedly quitting? Is a crash reporter window coming up? If neither of these things is happening, it sounds like you are seeing a hang (freeze) rather than a crash.

Does this happen for messages that are already in the Spam mailbox, or only for messages in other mailboxes? Please record a sample from Mail during the hang and send it to me via e-mail so that I can see why Mail is freezing.

It is probably moving on to try to train the next message. You can stop this by force quitting the SpamSieveHelper process (or training one message a time while troubleshooting).

If you need to uninstall or temporarily disable SpamSieve, please follow these instructions to do so properly.

Thanks for sending in the sample report from when you force quit Mail. Since I see no evidence that there was a crash, I have edited the title of this thread.

It looks like Mail is hanging when it’s telling its own junk filter that the message is junk. Normally, SpamSieve tries to keep Mail in the loop so that when you train a message as spam, SpamSieve tells Mail that the message is junk. However, in rare circumstances a bug in Mail or a slow mail server can cause Mail to freeze when setting the message as junk. You can tell SpamSieve not to tell Mail’s filter that the message is junk by clicking this link. Or, click this link to go back to the default behavior.