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Eliminate the counter

I love Spam Sieve. I am very happy I decided to give it a try. I bought something from an electronics vendor when I lived in Japan and I simply cannot figure out how to unsubscribe from the mailing list. They send me a message daily. Plus, lately my .Mac account has been getting lots of Spam regarding stock tips or some such nonsense. Anyway, it’s great.

However, I have one problem that is probably easy to resolve. I want SpamSieve to put the Spam messages into the Spam folder I created, but I don’t want to see the counter on that mailbox. I feel compelled to look inside that mailbox whenever there is a new number. Since I still waste time looking at the Spam in that mailbox, I really wish the junk would go in there without causing an unread message counter to keep track of the messages. Can I do something so the messages still show up there but without telling me when there are new messages?



Are you talking about the spam folder in your mail client, or the number of messages displayed on the SpamSieve dock icon? If the former, that would be something handled in the preferences for your mail client, or that mailbox in particular. For instance, in Mailsmith, you can right-click on any given mailbox, and choose to Show Message Count or not.

Likewise, if it’s the good-message number in SpamSieve’s dock icon, you can turn that off in the Notification section of SpamSieve’s preferences.


I believe Mailsmith is the only client that will let you control whether a mailbox shows the count of unread messages. However, in most other mail clients you can control whether spam messages are marked as read. For example, see this page for how to do it in Apple Mail. If you set it to mark the spam messages as read, then the count will always be zero, and thus it will be hidden.

I think this is perfect
Thanks for the tip. I think adding the rule that says “mark as read” is exactly what I wanted. Now I have to wait for some more spam to show up to see if it worked.

This will not affect the unread count in regular mailboxes, correct?