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email address of sender is identical to receiver?

Lately I receive more and more email that have following structure. The emailaddress of sender is identical to the receiver. However it is not my address but that of a relative.

I get this mail in my box because it is appararently a BCC.

Is there a way to mark as spam any mail that has identical sender & receiver email?

Not specifically, and I do not recommend doing that because it’s also a common pattern among legitimate e-mails.

If the address is of a relative, you may need to uncheck Use Mac OS X Address Book in order for SpamSieve to catch those spams.

My problem is that I am getting a lot of mail where the from address and to address are both the same. I did uncheck the 'Use addressbook" some time ago so this does not help.

The from address is actually: “From: GUCCI <xxx@xxxxxxx.nl>”. So I hoped that by putting “gucci” in the blocklist (from (address) contains …) to get rid of this mail. But this does not help.

Any other ideas?

SpamSieve’s log will say why (or if) it didn’t think the messages were spam.

In that example you would need to use “From (name)” rather than “From (address)”.

That might indeed be the problem. Have changed it and will see.

Thanks anyhow for all the help.