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Email Chinese (Big5) Attachment name problem

I’ve tried to transfer 1.6GB of mails to EagleFiler, the process went smoothly.

However, after transfer, some Chinese character is ‘messed up’ after transfer, this happened in:


And most importantly, the attachement which contains Chinese character as file name.



should of been:


If I double click the email in EF, it is perfectly displayed in Mail. Anyone notice this problem?

Thanks for the report. It sounds like it’s just a display problem and that the message data is fine. Please export one of those messages an send it to me as an attachment so that I can investigate this.

Chinese display issue
Hi Michael,

I’ve send you an email with the problematic attachment.

Just downloaded the fixed version, and it worked great!

First class developer!

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.2.6.