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Email Images should be optionally block

There needs to be an option in EagleFiler’s preferences to not load images that are in emails when viewing in EagleFiler. Lucky I had LittleSnitch installed so it caught EagleFiler trying to access network for some email images that I was able to deny. This is important to prevent webbugs.


I’ll consider adding an option to control that. Meanwhile, you can prevent the loading of images using the View > Message > Plain Text option.

EagleFiler 1.4.3 added an esoteric preference to hide images when viewing e-mails.

I’m the process of moving my Mail.app mail to EagleFiler (1.4.3). I’m noticing images in my emails are not displaying. I have to double-click the email message for it to open in Mail.app to view the images.

Just to make sure, I went to esoteric preferences to turn view images on and still nothing.

At present, EagleFiler’s viewer knows how to display remote images for HTML messages. It does not display images that are attached to the message itself.

Another option is to use the Quick Look window in EagleFiler.

There’s no need to check the preference, as image display is on by default.