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Email message Link/URL when importing

Considering a jump from Keep It to EagleFiler and trying to wrap my head around some differences to see if its a good fit.

Keep It grabs a message link back to the imported email that is clickable to go back to the message in mail. I assume the expectation with EF is that a user deletes a mail message after importing so a link is useless, but what if I want to keep the original message as a repository and use EF as a tagging solution for Apple Mail to find messages (along with other project related files) and then view the message in Apple Mail so its in context with my replies, etc in a thread? Can EF be set up to grab the message id and create a link back? Or does EF have a view where messages can be shown in a threaded conversation ? If the later, does that mean I have to import my replies to messages also?

That’s normally what people do, but you can leave the messages in Mail if you want.

In the current public beta version of EagleFiler, you can use the Open Source URL command on a message to open the original message in Mail (if it exists).

It’s not specifically a conversation view, but if you sort by Title the messages in each thread will be grouped together in date order, and this will include sent messages if you had imported them.