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email resets to orig factory config after purchase

After using the demo i purchased 2 copies to use for mine and my wife’s laptops.
After putting in code from spaqmsieve my email resets like i just installed it then every email, junk, trash or spammed mail then comes back like i just received them for the first time, with multiple copies of each email. I now have 194 “new” emails! Also at the same time safari resets also and i lost all my bookmarks! Dont know if its connected but seems to be to much of a coincidence.
Please help!
Im running mac osx 10.3.9 on a 15" powerbook

It sounds like there was some kind of problem on your Mac, unrelated to entering your SpamSieve serial number, that caused SpamSieve, Mail, and Safari to lose their settings. You may need to follow SpamSieve’s setup instructions again to get it working.