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Email supposedly from my bank--train?

I get lots of phishing email “from” one bank where I have my accounts in reality. I’ve been afraid to mark these as spam for fear that when a valid email from my bank is sent, it will be flagged as well. The same thing goes for PayPal scams. Should I not be worried about this? - Jean

I recommend training the phishes as spam (unless SpamSieve already put them in the Spam mailbox). Of course, you should also train some of the good ones as good so that it can learn the difference.

Thanks! I wouldn’t have thought about training the good ones. If they are in my Inbox, aren’t they already considered Good unless I train them as spam? Do I specifically apply “Train As Good” to them?

Normally you don’t need to train SpamSieve with good messages that are in your inbox (or spam messages in the Spam mailbox). However, in this case you’re going to specifically tell it that some similar messages are spam, and this will (among other things) add the sender address to the blocklist. So you should then use “Train as Good” on some of the real bank messages so that SpamSieve knows that you don’t mean all messages from that address are spam.

The normal procedure of only training it when it puts a message in the wrong mailbox will also work. The above suggestions are just a faster way of teaching SpamSieve what it needs to know about these particular messages, so you don’t have to wait for there to be mistakes.