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Emails disappearing when downloading into Apple Mail?

On two occasions this week I’ve seen that I’ve had a number of emails being downloaded into my Apple Mail (POP3) account. However, one of them seems to get stuck (this morning it was the 11th message of 16), and can’t download it. It takes to long that I quit Mail, then re-open it and I find that I have no emails waiting.

Does SpamSieve operate at this stage and could it possibly have removed or not processed the last few messages? I tried looking in the History.db file with sqlite but it said that it’s encrypted. I’d love to know what happened this morning and where those emails went. Thanks.

SpamSieve operates after Mail has downloaded the message, and it does not remove messages from the server (or talk to the server at all).

You can use the Open Log command to see which messages SpamSieve has processed. This is a text-based log file.

The History.db file is not encrypted, but it’s not readable by the sqlite3 tool that comes with macOS because it’s not an SQLite 3 file.

That’s great, thanks very much for the info. Knowing SpamSieve does nothing until the messages are all downloaded helps a lot. I checked the logs and there are no emails there which I wasn’t aware of.

Apple Mail is awfully clunky and very laggy. Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird are the best of this lot (try both to see which interface you like better). The best alternative and only industrial strength one is MailMate. Totally configurable and really powerful with prop three pane widescreen view ( https://www.cleverfiles.com/help/best-mac-email-client.html ).