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Embeded shortcuts simple and necessary

The third party shortcut maker (Fastscript) often hangs. PLEASE, please consider providing (embedding) shortcuts for main functions : Move If Spam, Train as Good and Train as Spam.

Which mail program are you using?

I’ve not heard other reports of FastScripts hanging. Please try recording a sample of it when this happens so that we can investigate the cause.

Thanks for taking time to reply to my posting.

I am using the Microsoft Outlook for Mac Version 15.19.1 (160212) for Mac OS X El Captain Ver 10.11.3).

Thanks. I still recommend recording the samples because there’s probably a way to fix the cause of the hang. I’m investigating the possibility of SpamSieve hosting its own menu for training commands in Outlook, since Outlook no longer has its own script menu.

I’m grateful. I HAD uninstalled Fastscripts after its reoccuring hangs. After I wrote you, I downloaded and reinstalled it to simulate the hang and write to you thence. Surprise! Fastscripts has NOT hung since I wrote you last (thanks, prayers!). If the hang issue issue resurfaces, I promptly capture and send you the sample. So I hope the thread will stay dormant at least for a couple of weeks before we can call it resolved. Thank you again