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emergency! ... need to print emails!

i am a freelancer who just purchased spam sieve … just got a huge freelance project and CANNOT PRINT MY EMAILS! … error message “page protect needed” … ANYONE who can help … it would be MUCH APPRECIATED !!!

Sorry, but I don’t know what that error means. Which mail program are you using? Are you trying to print to PDF? The good news is that this isn’t related to SpamSieve. It does not have anything to do with printing in the mail programs that it integrates with.

thank you for responding
i have never had this problem before … am using spam sieve with apple mail … running … 10.4.9 or something later … why does this problem start just now! …

Well, if you’d like to eliminate SpamSieve as a possible cause, you can temporarily uninstall it.

thank you for responding again
i had mailwasher pro installed … it could be some remnant from that … but i did not have any problems printing with it … it wasn’t until i installed spam sieve that i have found this problem … will follow uninstall instructions … what a pain!!! … thanks again

omygod! … i am such an idiot!
i figured it out … thank you so much for your time! … you were right … it had nothing to do with spam sieve … i am embarrassed to say, it was just something with the printer … PANIC is a bad bad word … but HELPING calm a desperate freelancer makes you the HERO … so have a great night! … now i can get to work …