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eml file viewer companion app for iOS from C-Command

Hello all,
I didn’t want to redirect another thread, so I will make my pitch here. I am a long time user of EagleFiler, but I have just recently started developing a workflow for archiving email. In the past, I have run my own IMAP mail server and WebDAV file server (Server app on mac mini with dyn ~static IP and godaddy secure certificate) in order to have email and files available to both Mac OS X and iOS. Long story short, I have depreciated my server and am attempting to adopted iCloud drive as my go to file source (I am aware of the official C-Command stance on Dropbox as well as a number of documented limitations).

As far as I can find, there is only one eml file viewer available for iOS. The Klammer app ($0.99) does work, but it has not been updated in over 3 years and is obviously not using the latest iOS technologies (takes a lot of press and hold and search for sharing options to open one eml file).

First I would appreciate anyone pointing out an app that I may have missed to view eml files on iOS. Second, to Micheal, I would suggest that this might be a first step in expanding EagleFiler to iOS without fracturing any future plans that you may have for a full file management solution. A C-Command branded eml viewer for iOS that can access files stored on various web services (Dropbox, iCloud drive, etc) would be ideal for my workflow. I would consider it as useful as PDF Expert and so would be willing to pay around the $10-$20 range.

Anyway, a few recent posts here about importing email and the updates to the documentation got me thinking about this topic.


*Edit: I missed this prior post where Micheal explains information about eml files: https://c-command.com/forums/showthread.php/4325-pre-purchase-questions-on-eml-and-ios

Thanks for the suggestion.