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.emlx instead of .eml

I would like to use Entourage as the default mail viewer for archived email in EagleFiler. However it appears the email in EagleFiler that gets captured is .emlx and entourage 2008 doesn’t open .emlx. What do I need to do?

Is there really no way to move captured emails in eagle filer to another mailbox folder?

EagleFiler captures mail in mbox format. If you double-click a message to open it externally, EagleFiler converts it to .emlx (on Mac OS X 10.4) or .eml (on Mac OS X 10.5) format. If you use Get Info in the Finder to set Entourage as the default application for .eml files, the messages will open in Entourage.

EagleFiler can store mail in folders (of .eml files) and mailboxes. You can drag messages out of mailboxes (i.e. into folders), but not into them.

Entourage is the default for .eml but messages when double clicked open in mail.
I am trying to figure out how to get Entourage to be the default external app from EageFile. I am running 10.5.7 and Entourage 2008. When I drag a message from entourage to the desktop it makes a .eml file. When I get info on that I can tell that Entourage is the default app for .eml files. In EF when I double click on a message it opens in mail. When I right click and reveal in finder it show that it is a .emlx file. When I try to open the .emlx with entourage it just opens the message as a new composed email with the .emlx attached. What do I need to do to make entourage the default external app?

Thanks in advance…

How did you tell it that? Did you click “Change All…”?

Yes, but the file that’s opened when you double-click on a message in EagleFiler should be a .eml file.

Got it.
The trick to making it work for me was to drag a message from Apple Mail to the desktop. The Get Info on that .eml file and change all to Entourage. Working now.

To elaborate slightly (since I just did this), go to EagleFiler’s mail library in Finder, look in the files folder, find something ending in .eml, go to the Mac’s File menu, select Get Info, and select Entourage from the Open With menu. You must also click the button for Change All, which is easily missed! If you now go back to EagleFiler and double-click on one of the messages , it will open in Entourage.