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Encrypted library feature request

I’ve just created an encrypted library and it works great. My concern, however, is that when I close EF, it does not umount the volume, effectively leaving it open for any other application. Since EF is the primary use-case here (I want the library to open when I load EF or choose to open the library), but I also want, when the library is closed, to umount the volume. Currently I have to remember to “Close & Lock” (which should be the default when EF is quitting).

Is there something that I missed regarding this? I checked the preferences and saw nothing related to it nor anything in the docs. If this is not something that is currently implemented, could it be (or at least made optional)?


Currently, you would need to use Close & Lock. If you have the Finder set to show mounted volumes in the sidebar, this can help you see when your library is still open, in case you forgot to Close & Lock. I will look into making this automatic when you quit EagleFiler. Thanks for the suggestion!

Ok, great, that would be awesome if you could add that to your list of ideas to implement. Thanks for considering it, I think it would make it much more secure by just making it easier. In the meantime, I’ll have to remember to close and lock.