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Encryption of library

Hello, all. I printed out the instructions to “Eagle filer supports encryption at the library level. Etc.” page. I made a library with a passphrase.

I followed the instructions, but I can open the library without the passphrase outside of EF.

If I start EF, then File>open library> … then it shows a faded disk image on a page XYZ.sparsebundle, which I can’t click on/can’t open. It won’t select to open.

I click on the Documents folder on the Dock. Open my folder “Eaglefiles”. Now I see the XYZ.sparsebundle is no longer faded. I click on it and then a “XYZ disk” is now on my desktop. I click on the “XYZ disk”; It opens without a passphrase request. I can click on anything in the “XYZ disk” – the XYZ.eflibrary or any folder or any file in my XYZ disk without asking for a passphrase.

We are trying to get rid of the paper around the house and in our file cabinets. Of course we will keep real paper copies of very important stuff, but most of the papers can be put into EF. We are setting up multiple libraries:

  1. Recipes
  2. HomeOpen
  3. HomeSecure

We are going to put the more sensitive stuff in the HomeSecure library like tax forms, basically anything that might have information that might lead to ID theft.
In the HomeOpen library we want to put everything else except for recipes.

This is probably because you checked the box to have the Mac remember your library passphrase in your keychain. This lets you open the sparsebundle so long as your keychain has been unlocked (e.g. by logging into your Mac). If you don’t want it to remember the passphrase, you can delete it using the Keychain Access application. Then it will prompt you every time.

The sparsebundle must open opened/unlocked from the Finder. Then you can open the .eflibrary file from the Finder or EagleFiler. Another method is to create an alias of the .eflibrary file; then you can double-click that to open the library in a single step.