Enhancement: "Filter Now" should be in menu bar

I upgraded to SpamSieve 3.0 and previously was using scripts (apparently for Outlook 2011 even though I’m currently on v16 365) with the “Outlook - Filter Mailboxes” application run at startup.

Simply selecting “Outlook - Filter Mailboxes” in the dock would have it effectively do a “Filter Now”. This was very useful if one didn’t want to wait up to 60 seconds for it to check the InboxSpamSieve folder to see if anything was there. This is very common when one is sent an Email from being on the web and getting an authentication E-mail or if working with a colleague who sends an Email in realtime.

With SpamSieve 3.0, one has to go into SpamSieve - Settings - Outlook - Filtering - “Filter Now” to accomplish the same task.

My enhancement request is to add “Filter Now” as an option to the menu bar SpamSieve commands (and I suppose to the dock commands as they are similar) so below “Filter Messages” would be “Filter Now” and technically it could be available even when Outlook is not the current app since it doesn’t require an actual mail message to be selected (unlike the other options that do) though that isn’t essential since normally one would use Filter Now when using Outlook.

I can certainly consider that for a future version of SpamSieve. In the meantime, you may want to try setting it to check more frequently than every 60 seconds:

Macs are much faster today than when Outlook 365 came out, so a faster checking interval won’t have as much of a performance impact, especially if you are using the Large Inboxes setup.