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Enhancement Request: Text Editing Toolbar

Please consider adding a text editing toolbar to EagleFiler, ala Apple Pages.
Many of them are already there.

The big missing ones are Font, Font Size, and Font Color.

Relying on the “text” box and “color” box of OS X is clumsy, takes too much window management time and screen real-estate, too much mousing, and too much clicking.

Thanks for the suggestion. I agree that this would be very useful.

I’ve added this in EagleFiler 1.5.5.

Would it be possible to put it elsewhere, thought? e.g. between the item list and the detail view? Because the way it is now, it’s constantly showing and hiding as you navigate between RTF and other items, resizing the window and shifting its content in the process, and it’s maddening.

The placement is controlled by the system. I did, however, add a hidden preference to make it always show, for people who prefer the window to be more stable. To make the text inspector bar stay visible, click here. To revert to the default behavior of showing it only when applicable, click here.

Awesome, thanks. I suspected a hidden preference, but I couldn’t find it in the help. The custom URL scheme for hidden prefs is pretty cool too. Reminds me of Eudora.

Now I’m off to seeing if EagleFiler can replace Yojimbo, since the latter seems to be going the Mailsmith way and I’m tired of holding off from getting an iCloud account. ^^

In EagleFiler 1.5.10 this is available as the TextInspectorBarStayOpen esoteric preference.