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Entourage 2004 IMAP not working


First of all I would like to say ‘What a fantastic product’ I have SpamSieve working on Apple Mail on both POP and IMAP accounts, its brilliant. I have it working like a dream on Entourage 2004 with a POP account, however… Its not working at all using Entourage IMAP ;-(

I have set up the rules as per the documentation

Unchecked the ‘Do not apply’ on the first rule
Added a new rule directly below called SpamSieve - Move Messages and the settings are correct, as per the intructions!

Its not marking anything as Spam and if I train as spam it just colours it and doesn’t move it anywhere

I tend to use Entourage more as its my main email app and need to to get myself mobile, therefore trying out the technique of filtering IMAP to avoid tons of junk on my Nokia

Entourage has separate rules for POP and IMAP. If you are using SpamSieve with both, you’ll need three SpamSieve rules, one for POP and two on the IMAP tab of the Rules window.

Due to a limitation of Entourage, IMAP messages that you manually train will not be moved. However, incoming IMAP spams will be moved to the spam folder.