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Entourage 2008 issues

My client is using Spamsieve with Entourage 2008 using iMAP with Fusemail as the host. I setup the rules exactly as described.

A few questions:

Should I use the ‘On My Computer’ Junk-Email folder or the Spam folder on the server?

I also had an issue where I had a message in my spam folder, I selected it, chose ‘Train good’ - it did nothing. It didn’t move it to the server side inbox like apple mail does.

Same thing with the script ‘mark as spam’ in the scripts folder. It doesn’t move the email to the spam folder like in apple mail.

The whole thing with iMAP and Entourage 2008 is pretty weird and unpredictable. I often see double messages in folders. It will find spam, mark it and move it, then it shows 2 of the same message in the spam folder.

I never saw anything like this in Apple Mail. My client, however, insists on Entourage.

Any tips or help with your software and how it interacts with Entourage 2008 and iMAP would be great.

FYI - Fusemail makes all folders ‘sub’ folders or ‘children’ of the INBOX. for expamle - sent items is really INBOX.Sent. I’m with 1and1.com and they don’t do this, but I spoke with Fusemail and this is there method. Perhaps this affects Spamsieve?


FYI, at least 3/4 of the time when people say this it ends up not being true, so I only trust screenshots.

It’s up to you. It’s faster to use On My Computer, and that way doesn’t fill up the server with spam. On the other hand, perhaps you want to be able to see the spam messages from another computer.

IMAP messages in Entourage do not move when trained, due to limitations of Entourage.

As with Apple Mail, the proper way to manually apply SpamSieve is to apply the rules. The “Mark If Spam” script has not been included with SpamSieve in years. There is a “Move If Spam” script, but you should never need to invoke it directly.

I have not received any other reports like that. How do you know that you didn’t receive two identical spam messages? Another possibility is that Entourage is delayed in syncing with your server. I suggest using the built-in Junk E-mail folder On My Computer.

It shouldn’t, because SpamSieve doesn’t talk to the server and doesn’t know or care which folder you’ve chosen. All the movement is handled by the “Move Messages” rule in Entourage, which works just like any other Entourage rule (it doesn’t even talk to SpamSieve).