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Entourage and Junk mail


After speaking to a few other Mac users, who use both Entourage and Mail, it sounds like Mail sets up multiple IMAP accounts differently than Entourage. In Entourage, every IMAP email has to have its own Folder, and then a Subfolder called INBOX, and then sub-sub folders for Sent/Trash/Draft. It also sets up its own Junk E-mail folder, for each and every email.

So what I’ve done, via Entourage custom Rules, is to get Entourage to move all IMAP emails into my top IMAP Inbox (see the attached pic of my Entourage Folders. The top one I’m calling MAIN IMAP).

My question is: how does Spam Sieve work with each IMAP account? Into which folder will it place spam. Further, now that I have Entourage moving all of the incoming mail so it moves and lands into the Main IMAP:INBOX folder, how can I get ALL caught spam to land into the Main IMAP: Junk E-Mail folder, so that I only have one folder to view.

I hope this makes sense.

Entourage will put the spam wherever you tell it to when you setup the SpamSieve - Move Messages rule. For most people, this will be the same local folder for each account.

Got it. Thanks!


Entourage 2004 has an advanced setting checkbox in each IMAP account, “Store june email in this IMAP folder…” (see attached pic).

I think, that since the Entourage Junk Email Protection is turned off, this checkbox doesn’t work, clicked or not.

Is it also true that it has nothing to do with Spam Sieve? That SS only moves spam according to the Move Messages Rule?

Yes, that’s right.