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Entourage, Exchange & Moving Junk

I have Entourage 2008 version 12.2.0 with an Exchange account. It marks the spam and changes the color of the message to gray, but does not movie it to the junk email folder.

I have another POP account in Entourage that works perfectly.

Any ideas?

Which messages don’t move? Do you mean incoming messages, or messages that you’re manually training as spam?


Entourage has an AppleScript limitation that prevents SpamSieve from moving Exchange messages when you train them. For automatically processing incoming spam messages, please check your rules.

Junkmails don’t move in Entourage

I’m having the same problem: Incoming junkmails in Entourage don’t get moved, they just stay where they are. Here are some screenshots, maybe you can tell me, what I have been overlooking. Thanks.


It looks like your “SpamSieve - Move Messages” rule is set to “all criteria” instead of “any criteria.”

Oh great, Michael. That’s it! Thanks a lot.